Honesty, Integrity, and the best rates. We - the whole company - have a PERFECT Better Business Bureau record. And I'd like to keep it that way. Why? Because I take pride in what I do. I've been doing mortgages for over 20 years. And I keep it simple. No surprises. So, take a little time to read about me..... Or contact me below and I'll quote you a rate with no hassles. Simple. Easy. Honest. And I love to win your business. Please give me an opportunity to do so, you owe it to yourself.

andymay@adrmortgage.com   919 771 3379   www.adrmortgage.com  4801 Hargrove Road, Raleigh NC 27612 

Andy May is a professional loan officer with 22 years of mortgage banking experience. My #1 goal is to make sure that you have an excellent experience closing your mortgage. You have me on your side. I am a fiduciary of yours. I am licensed, bonded (surety), tested (national and state), a Master Certified Mortgage Banker (MBA of America designation for top Mortgage Bankers), and I have run secondary marketing departments for some of the top mortgage companies in America. I have owned and operated several mortgage companies, so I know what it takes to make you satisfied. 

As owner of American Dream Residential (www.adrmortgage.com) I can put my substantial experience in secondary marketing to work for you. We look for the best loan program and rate we can find. Before I provide some facts, here's a primer on why we almost always have lower rates than the banks:

#1) We have 3 branch locations in North Carolina that cost very little to operate (we are also licensed in Virginia and Florida). By comparison, a bank spends about $1,000,000 per location per year. You pay for their locations in a higher interest rate.

#2) We get the wholesale rate sheets of the nation's best lenders. Not the garbage TARP-money bank lenders that are trying to charge more to make back the money they lost (on your next loan). Our lenders compete on rate. We select the best lender we can find....this usually gives ADRmortgage.com about a 1.5% advantage.

#3) Most banks target a 3-4% over-all charge on a loan. We don't target anywhere near that level. So, with our superior pricing, lower overhead, advanced customer service, and 0 BBB complaints, we're likely to win your business at least 90% of the time after we've spoken by phone.

Here are some interesting facts about ADRMortgage.com and Andy May:

#1) No one at my company has ever had a better business bureau complaint - ever.

#2) We had our best year ever when the banks were gorging on TARP money (tax payer assistance).

#3) We compete on Service AND Rate. You get the following i) 24-7 with me as your trusted partner and loan officer; ii) a processor that is assigned to make your paperwork as hassle-free as possible; iii) a client service rep that updates you at least once a week on the status of your loan; an absolutely rock-bottom rate.

#4) We make sure you are happy. You have my word on that. We have gone above and beyond on many a loan file to make sure that we gain your trust, respect, and continued referrals and business.

#5) We have approximately 20 loan officers. I am the number one loan officer at my company and I consistently produce 4 to 4.5 times the national average in terms of loan production. So I am not too busy to pick up the phone and speak with you whenever you like, nor am I so slow that I'm trying to make my month on your transaction.

I look forward to hearing from you and working on your side. Please give me a call at 919 771 3379. Thank you.

Andy May, Loan Officer, Master Certified Mortgage Banker, Duke MBA (Finance) and Trusted Partner of You!  Lincensed Loan Officer number 103418; Company license 88010. Trust only licensed professionals (18 year olds advising you on bank products is ill-advised).